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Against Terror
Mark Bokman, Ph.D., Jerusalem

Gaza Strip
Area: 360 km2 (139 sq mi). Population: 1,657,155.
The population density: 4,100.00 cap per km2.
GDP: $770 million (-). Per capita: $3,100 (-).


The main agricultural products: olives, citrus, vegetables, beef.
Natural resources: arable land, natural gas.
Industry: Small Business, Soap Production, Olive Oil Production, Mother of Pearls gifts. [1]

According to UN data, the highest unemployment rate in the world at the end of 2010 was recorded in the Gaza Strip - 45.2 BBC said.

The reason, experts say, is the Israel's blockade of the Palestinian territories, which have lasted for five years.

However, according to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), the average wage in the sector dropped by more than a third because the ban on the export of almost all products affected private businesses.

Youth, which is 50% of the population, suffers from unemployment. In fact, hundreds of thousands of young people are unemployed and do not know what to do with themselves. [4]

Hamas blames Israel. And while the private sector is experiencing significant difficulties, it is actively recruiting tens of thousands of fighters including women. [2], [3].

Of course this mass of recruited unemployed Hamass militants became the mead that becomes stronger the longer it is enclosed. In fact, we have put ourselves on a powder keg that can be set off by any idiot with money. We wanted to undermine Hamas through the blockade, but have gotten the opposite result.

Perennial confrontation shows that the conflict cannot be eliminated by force. Should we continue to be stubborn? Maybe it makes sense to try in peace, keeping  our priorities strong, but basic:

1. Jerusalem is ours only.

2. On the West Bank we build where we want.

3. Palestinian refugees - is the problem of the Palestinians.

At the first glance, it seems unreal. In fact, the solution exists.

Let us imagine that a powerful tourist industry has been created in Gaza. There are beautiful sandy beaches, dry Mediterranean climate, plenty of sunshine. Nearby attractions and exotics of Egypt, Israel and Jordan, just in a few hours bus ride. Affordable services. Tourism means not only guides and hotels but a complex of places of entertainment, catering, room service, food and industrial goods for tourists and domestic population.

Tourism is capable of providing jobs for everyone. Leaders, commanders, and other Hamas activists will  receive shares in various newly established businesses in return to a waiver of terror and surrendered weapons. Handouts from Iran for risking their lives will be exchanged for an independent, peaceful, prosperous life with long-term stable income for themselves and their descendants.

Practically all Palestinian actions are organized. Therefore, all active people have to be included in the process of adjustment. Otherwise, terror will continue until they get what they want. This is possible because the rebuilding will begin with a huge construction site.

Tourism is a very sensitive and delicate business. Any tension immediately reduces the number of tourist arrivals. We have seen this in the south and in the north of Israel in Jerusalem any conflict greatly reduces the number of tourists. People whose lives depend on tourism automatically become enemies of terror and terrorists. Maybe some of them remain dissatisfied. And maybe some idiots will provoke them. However, it will not be our problem it will be problem of Palestinians.

Besides tourism the chemical industry can be built in Gaza based on the Egyptian gas and the Persian Gulf oil, the oil pipeline, a large harbor due to the unique location of the Strip, the Euro-Asian-African continent. The production of cheap goods exported to Africa and Europe, thanks to cheap labor.

There are practically no specialists, workers, people who are able to create, design, and operate all of the above Among Palestinians. No professional education. Giving them money is useless as it will disperse into pockets. Therefore, the entire reconstruction of the Gaza Strip should be made by the international community, with the active participation of Israel.

Dmitry Maryasis Analyst of the Department of the Study of Israel and the Jewish communities of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences says to this point:

"The situation can be changed with intervention of geopolitics. The most profitable and most efficient way would be to use the opportunities coming from the neighboring Israel. What international community and the Arab countries can do - is provide some funding for the establishment of infrastructure in Gaza". [5]

The international community will provide loans and investments for this program. Not repayable handouts, but real loans based on agreed terms with returns during the agreed time period, as well as investments in highly profitable enterprise.

Since due to a lack of qualified personnel Palestinians themselves are unable to organize the restructuration, an International Management Company (KMC) must be created. 

In order to ensure the transparency of financial flows and rational use of the money KMC Board of Directors shall consist of representatives of organizations and countries - investors and creditors. The Board of Directors organizes departments and offices staffed by their world-class experts from different countries. Departments will create a company under the control of foreign experts and Palestinians.

Currently Gaza has about 700,000 unemployed people which is not enough. The project requires additional manpower and land. Missing human resources come from the West Bank. Youth and unsettled, and unemployed Palestinians will change a miserable, hopeless existence in the musty Palestinian villages to work and merry life in a brilliant city with casinos, dance halls, pubs and other entertainment delights. All Palestinians, including the current leadership of the West Bank, will be offered the conditions that are better than they have now in Gaza.

Only those who have jobs and are satisfied with their lives will stay in the West Bank. Tensions in the region disappea because disgruntled disappears. We get a long-awaited lasting peace.

The demand for labor is expected to be so high that the Gaza Strip will be able to except all refugees wishing to return to Palestine. An alternative is that the international community using the same way can solve the economic problems of refugees and the local population directly in the countries where refugees reside in the present.

Obviously, there is not enough Land in the Gaza Strip. But it is possible to exchange lands adjacent to Gaza with the West Bank lands, including settlements. For 1 sq km of Negev lands having the complete infrastructure, housing and businesses, tens to hundreds of square kilometers of the West Bank lands can be taken in return.

This way, a completely monolithic, rich and prosperous Palestinian state can be built in Gaza region in the near future. International Management Company will be required to project and build a country with a comfortable life for 12-20 million people. It is ridiculous to think that a rich, prosperous city of Gaza would want to have a municipal capital several hundred kilometers away.

As you can see, the proposed project is capable of solving three "unsolvable" problems of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Palestinian refugees, Israeli settlements and municipal capital in Jerusalem.

Israel and the Israelis are honestly interested in taking an active part in all these structures because:

1. They have been working with the Palestinians for a long time and, therefore, are familiar with their mentality and abilities.

2. They live side by side and do not need to leave home to work in Gaza.

3. Israel possesses all technologies necessary for this region.  

4. Israelis have proven that they can build a prosperous economy from scratch.

Participation in the active management of the project, participation in investments: technology, resources, supply of necessary materials to Gaza and parts, etc. promises a huge long-term profit for Israeli companies, many times higher than the existing income. The construction boom in Gaza will cause an economic boom in Israel, to help cope with the current economic problems. You will see a lot of jobs, unemployment disappears. Closely linked to the economy of both countries, the high sensitivity of the economy of Gaza to armed conflicts promises both countries a long, quiet, prosperous and rich world.

Israel can reduce the expenses for the army and security and get more for expansion of social programs.

It is hard to believe! But that is the fact and there is no other choice!

Let us consider the options:

A demographic situation does not allow to create one state for two nations. It is also impossible to evict Palestinians. Egypt has refused to take Gaza. Jordan and Lebanon are fed up with the Palestinians who live in their territories now. Other countries hospitality is not even worth discussing. Genocide is not in the Jewish tradition. Therefore getting rid of Palestinians is not a reality, and the Palestinian territories will inevitably be used for two states for two nations.

On the other hand, the West Bank cannot create an adequate economy without access to the sea, with virtually no external borders and conditions for the development of tourism and foreign trade, lack of minerals, agriculture, which need subsidies, eliminates unemployment. Obviously, resentment and terror cannot be eliminated. In other words, nothing will be changed.

The solid, rich State of Palestine in Gaza, whose population is interested in keeping the peace by working with Israel is the only way to draw the mass terror to the end and to eliminate the rift between people of Palestine.

Good to be able to eliminate the terror!

I believe that people are ready to solve geopolitical problems, taking into account the interests of all segments of the population, not just the interests of ambitious politicians. Let us exclude from consideration people for whom terror is an end in itself or a means to satisfy personal ambitions. But this criminal act and a crime against humanity will be discussed in another article on the basis of existing international agreements.

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