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How to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict
Mark Bokman, Jerusalem

"People are dying for the metal" - Arab terror in Israel is no exception. In the Gaza Strip and in the West Bank, the main reason of terrorism are Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist groups of Gaza, which exist based on the money of Iran and Qatar, which these formations receive for the organization of terror.

Terror is the main source of money in Gaza. There is practically no industry and agriculture in Gaza. The GDP is only $ 250 per person per year. Gaza cannot exist today without terror. In order to end terror, it is necessary to create another source of money in Gaza that compensates for the money for terror, based on an economy that is not compatible with terror. Otherwise, there will always be people who, even with a good economic situation, will want to earn extra money by terror.

Tourism is not compatible with terror. The slightest unrest will reduce the number of tourists, incomes, salaries and the number of jobs. If most residents of Gaza find work in tourism, and leaders become co-owners of tourist enterprises, they will all be opponents of terror. It is excluded that the owners of hotels, casinos, travel companies began to organize the terror at a loss. Rather, they will do their best to prevent the slightest unrest.

Gaza is an ideal, unique place to create a powerful Tourist Center (TC). The Mediterranean climate, sandy beaches, closely located sights of Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Greece, the Palestinian Autonomy, widely supplied game and entertainment business will provide the necessary influx of tourists. Tourists from China, India, Japan, whose number is growing all the time, will be able to see all the sights of ancient European culture in 2-3 weeks. Gaza can become a European Los Vegas with casinos, Turkish and Finnish baths, massage rooms, with theater-cinema and music festivals. Entertainment, cognition and rest all year round for 24 hours.

Creation of the shopping center will require the design, construction and operation of new infrastructure, seaport, airport, railway, hotels, public catering establishments, entertainment, gaming facilities, expanded food production, souvenirs, housing construction and much more. The work will suffice for all Palestinians, including refugees. We believe that the population in Gaza can increase to 6 million people.

From the beginning of construction in Gaza there will be created a large number of jobs that will initially attract residents of Gaza and first of all members of terrorist organizations. Residents of Gaza is not enough. Therefore, unemployed and poorly organized residents of the West Bank (WB) will flee to Gaza. There will be an opportunity to receive Palestinian refugees. The shopping center will require the creation of many small and medium-sized enterprises to serve tourists, locals and produce a variety of products and goods. It will attract businessmen of the ST in Gaza. The increase in the number of residents and tourists will require an increase in the administrative apparatus, which will be replenished by the ST officials, especially as the standard of living and wages in Gaza will be substantially higher than in the WB. Do not have to persuade anyone. A rich, bright, prosperous life in a sparkling round the clock Megapolis will attract a youth, not arranged by people and other residents from the musty villages and towns of the West Bank.

The WB becomes empty but Gaza requires additional territory. There will be a need to exchange the territory of the Negev to the lands of the WB. The exchange will automatically determine mutually beneficial borders and solve the problem of Israeli settlements. It is possible also to agree with Egypt on the transfer to Israel the part of the Sinai lands adjacent to Gaza, which Israel can exchange for the lands of the WB.

It is hard to imagine that the leadership of the ultra-modern, sparkling Megapolis in Gaza for 6 million people will defend the capital in several burbling neighborhoods of East Jerusalem at a distance of 100 km from Gaza. Most likely, it will be possible to agree on the refusal of Gaza from the Jerusalem quarters in exchange for equivalent concessions to Israel.

Thus, the Tourist Center in Gaza will be able to solve the main problems of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: refugees, borders, settlements, east Jerusalem.

Among the Palestinians there are no experts having necessary qualifications and experience to create such a powerful tourist center. Therefore, we need an International Management Company (IMC), which will develop a financial plan for creating a shopping center, collect money from investors and sponsors for this purpose, design, build and commission a shopping center. The Board of the IMC, consisting of representatives of investors and sponsors, will collect the necessary money, will plan and monitor their expenditure. This ensures that money will not fall into the hands of terrorists and will not leak to the side. The board of directors, created by the board of specialists with experience in the construction and operation of such megacities, will build, commission a metropolis and train all the necessary Palestinians.

In no way IMC substitutes the administration of Gaza, it does not deal with either external or internal politics. It only collects money, designs shopping centers and residential complexes builds and operates. At the same time, part of TC revenues goes to the budget of the Gaza and its leadership.

The vast majority of Palestinians does not care about the politics. Israeli Palestinians vigorously protested when Israeli minister Lieberman suggested transferring the territory on which they lived to Palestine. Arabs of East Jerusalem urgently moved to other quarters of the city, when rumor began that East Jerusalem was given to the Palestinian autonomy. The Muslim Arabs of Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and others cursed Arafat and now curse Hamas for not allowing them to live and work. The Arabs want a quiet beautiful life. Of course, among the Arabs there are ambitious people who need power, big money and they want to leave a memory of themselves in history. The IUK will help them get what they want. Therefore, they have no reason not to let the IMC into Gaza.

The rapprochement of Israel in Gaza with the Arab countries will allow in the future to discuss the issue of deliveries of the latest Israeli weapons to the Arab countries, which are opposing Iran and Qatar, for the warrior with this enemy.

Tourism is a highly profitable industry. This guarantees a high return on investment to investors and a return on money to sponsors. Construction of $ 100 billion will allow the US, US President D. Trump, the Government of Israel to significantly increase the number of jobs and raise the economy in their countries.

The rise of the economy in Palestine and the cessation of terror will in the future allow Hizbollah and other terrorist organizations financed by Iran to be turned in the same way. This will significantly reduce Iran's image and weaken its fighting capacity.

It is necessary to involve the USA, the EU, the moderate Arab countries, Canada, England, Australia and other states in the IMC. The proposal to create an Arab state in Palestine on the basis of a powerful tourist center will show to the Arab countries that the world community and Israel sincerely want to create in Palestine a rich and prosperous Arab state and will facilitate negotiations with the Arab countries. The IMC actually consolidates the world forces in the struggle against Iran and will create conditions for the organization of a military-political union.

The establishment of a shopping center in Gaza will set an example for many countries in Asia and Africa and help their democratization.


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