Some articles about Russian Panthers

Like the Black Panthers, but more refined by Lili Galili Haaretz Israeli newspaper

Race in the 'Post Third World' by Makani Themba-Nixon ColorLine Magazin

Contacts for Yong Leadeship 1998-2000

The capital of Racism (English)   Russian

The following statistics will be even more terrible!

We cannot remain silent if we are to protect our children

Israeli army’s racist general

"They suffocated my daughter!"

Turn Boy into Slave

Mayor racist travel to NY

Answers Jacqueline Schaalje of the “Jewish Dutch Weekly 
Joods Nederlands Weekblad Weekly Amsterdam, Holland

by Jacqueline Schaalje (Dutch)

Russian panthers 2 Years Later 
Interview wit Tatiyana Volvowsky from "Russian Israeli" newspaper Tel-Aviv, Israel r (Russian)

It is a Russian Panthers      Russian version
by Moshe Zunder MAARIV Israeli Daily. May 26, 2000 (Hebrew) 

Russian panthers ask to respect 
by Uri Binder MAARIV Israeli Daily. April 10, 2000 (Hebrew)

We are fed up listening to Go back to Russia by Uri Binder MAARIV Israeli Daly. April 10, 2000 (Hebrew)

Russian Panthers etsablish they self by Uri Binder MAARIV Israeli Daly.April 4, 2000 (Hebrew)

Russian Panthers against discrinination by Uri Binder  by Uri Binder MAARIV Israeli Daly. Mars 22, 2000 (Hebrew)